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October 14, 2005

2 Free Linux Courses and Free Linux Books offers 2 Free Linux Courses and links to several free Linux books. One course is designed for beginners and the other is an intermediate level course. They will be offering a Linux Online certificate program in the future, and will also be adding tests and evaluations to the existing lessons in these courses..

Getting Started with Linux
If you're new to Linux and want to find out how to use the fastest growing operating system today, all you have to do is follow these lessons and you'll be using Linux efficiently in no time. Getting Started with Linux is designed as a self-study course. This course has lessons that cover the following: installing Linux, basic configuration, working with Linux, the Linux file system, day to day with Linux, virtual terminals, text editors, shell commands, pipes, other commands, power user commands, controlling the system, mounting file systems, file permissions, backing up, installing new programs, printing, listening to and recording sounds, X Windows configuration, productivity applications, browsers, and email clients.

Linux Course for Intermediate Level Users
If you're already an experienced Linux user and want to get more power out of your system, you should consider this intermediate level course. This higher level course is geared toward those who want to learn more about Linux system administration, and how to install, configure and productively use Linux.

Here are the lessons for this intermediate course:

This Free Online Linux Books page contains the following links to Linux books and ebooks:

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