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November 27, 2005

Image Compression

This post is for Zandu and everyone else who wants to learn about image compression. I could not find any online books dealing with image compression, but I have found several good sources of learning material and information for this topic, including chapters, class notes, slides, Dr. Dobb's Compression Site, and a data compression reference center. I hope these help you.

Course note chapters for Multimedia Technology Class:
- Lossless Compression:
- Lossy Compression Techniques:
- Image Compression Standards:

Digital Image Compression Class with good course notes:

Chapter 6 Image Compression:

Dr. Dobbs Data Compression Site:

Data Compression Reference Center:

Image Compression and File Formats:

Video and Audio Compression:

Slides for Media Compression - Image:

Image Transforms:

Digital Image Representation:

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