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January 27, 2006

71 Free Computer Programming Books

Here are 71 free computer programming books covering the following subjects and languages: general programming, Ada, Algorithms, Assembly language, C, CGI, CSS, Cobol, Delphi, Fortran, HTML, Javascript, Linux, Open Source, Prolog, Unix, Visual Basic .Net, XHTML, and XML. I hope you enjoy these.

71 Free Computer Books:

General Programming

How to Be a Programmer:

How to Design Programs:

Practical Theory of Programming:

Software Engineering for Internet Applications:

Structure and interpretation of computer programs:

The Programmers Stone:


Ada 95 Rational:

Ada 95 Reference Manual:

Changes to Ada 1987 - 1995:


The Big Online Book of Linux Ada Programming:


Algorithms and Complexity :

Information Theory, Inference, and Learning Algorithms:

Problems on Algorithms:


Assembly Language Programming for Cowards:

Assembly Language Tutorial:

Programming From the Ground Up:

Ralph Brown's Interrupt List:

The Art of Assembly Language Programming:

The Assembly Language Database:

Win32 Programming for x86 Assembly Language Programmers:


A Tutorial on Pointers and Arrays in C:

C Programming:

Object Orientated Programming in ANSI-C:

The C Book:

Writing Bug-Free C Code:

C - Elements of Style:

C Programming Reference:


CGI Programming on the World Wide Web:


CSS2 Specifications:


A Beginners Guide to COBOL Programming:

Teach Yourself COBOL in 21 Days:

WebSphere Studio COBOL for Windows - Language Reference:

COBOL Programming Course:

WebSphere Studio COBOL for Windows - Programming Guide:

HP COBOL II/XL Reference Manual:


Delphi 2005 Tutorial for Beginners:

Delphi Training:

Essential Delphi:

Essential Pascal:

Delphi Language Guide - Delphi For The Microsoft .NET Framework:

Delphi Database Application Developers Guide:


Numerical Recipes with Fortran 77:

Numerical Recipes with Fortran 90 :

Professional Programmer's Guide to Fortran 77:


An HTML Tutorial:

HTML 4.01 Specifications:

Writing HTML:


Javascript Tutorial:

Voodoo's Introduction to Javascript:


Linux Device Drivers, Third Edition :

Open Source

Creating Applications with Mozilla:

Free as in Freedom:

Managing Projects with GNU make, 3rd Edition:

OpenSources: Voices from the Open Source Revolution:

Understanding Open Source and Free Software Licensing:


Adventure in Prolog:

Building Expert Systems in Prolog:

Prolog Programming A First Course:


FreeBSD Handbook:

The UNIX-HATERS Handbook :

Visual Basic and

Programming VB.NET - A Guide For Experienced Programmers:

Upgrading Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 to Microsoft Visual Basic .NET:

Visual Basic in 12 Easy Lessons:

Introducing Visual Basic 2005 for Developers:


XHTML 1.0: The Extensible HyperText Markup Language:


Extensible Markup Language (XML) 1.0 (Second Edition) :

Frequently Asked Questions about the Extensible Markup Language:

Kickstart tutorial XML:

Namespaces in XML : XML Essentials:

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