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January 10, 2006

PC Troubleshooting Free Course with Instructor

Here is another new free online course offered by the HP Learning Center.

The "PC Troubleshooting" course is now available for enrollment.

Tired of paying for PC repairs? Learn simple do-it-yourself troubleshooting techniques that anyone -- not just power users -- can follow to fix many of the most common PC problems. More than just a list of quick fixes, this free instructor led course teaches you how to narrow down problems and find solutions. Find out how to distinguish between software and hardware errors, update device drivers, work with alternative boot modes and BIOS setup, analyze running processes, troubleshoot conflicts with hardware and software, and much more. The instructor for this course is Jerri Ledford. You can enroll now until the end of the class, which is Feb. 24, 2006. The class starts on Jan. 19, 2006.

PC Troubleshooting Free Course:

What you'll learn:

* Identify common problems associated with each hardware component and the associated symptoms
* Determine whether a hardware device is working properly, and take steps to troubleshoot its physical state, connectivity, and driver status
* Use the BIOS Setup utility to check drive and port statuses, and update the system BIOS if required
* Determine whether a problem is hardware- or software-related, and whether a software problem is caused by an application or by Windows itself
* Analyze running processes in Windows XP, and prevent a process from starting automatically

PC Troubleshooting Course Lessons:

Lesson 1: Introduction to PC Troubleshooting
Shift your brain into troubleshooting gear! In this lesson, you'll learn how hardware, BIOS (basic input/output system), and the operating system work together, and what can happen if they don't. You'll also find out which tools you need to do your own PC repair, and learn how to use several handy utilities for gathering information about your system and its functionality.

Lesson 2: Hardware and BIOS problems
In this lesson, you'll learn the symptoms of hardware failure for essential components. You'll also find out more about BIOS and how it affects hardware performance, as well as how to update it.

Lesson 3: Device troubleshooting in Microsoft Windows
Most hardware is actually pretty reliable -- it's Microsoft Windows that's more often the culprit in PC problems. In this lesson, you'll learn how to install and update device drivers for your hardware, and how to troubleshoot problems with display, sound, and communications settings in Windows.

Lesson 4: Microsoft Windows and application troubleshooting
In this lesson, you'll learn how to troubleshoot Microsoft Windows startup and operational problems, how to find and fix application errors, and how to repair or reinstall Windows.

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