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March 19, 2007

Top 16 Programming Diggs for Previous 30 Days

Here are what I judge to be the Top 16 Programming Diggs for the previous 30 days, from These cover lots are topics, inclu ding Ajax, CSS, Javascript, HTML and browsers, programming theorems, Java and Linux, tableless forms, technical ebooks, computer science books, web design, Ferret with Ruby on Rails, error messages, and C programming. Here they are:

Tutorial: AJAX Made Easy
A very simple tutorial explaining how to add AJAX functionality to your website with 3 easy steps. Helpful no matter what your technical expertise may be... from beginner to advanced. Take existing features on your site and modernize with this framework. Definitely time invested in this quality article.  44 comments

The (only) Ten Things to Know About CSS
a one-page tutorial that demystifies the cryptic and cranky rules of CSS. 90 comments

CSS+Javascript power. Fancy menu
When it comes to creating the navigation part of your Website, the first thing you might think of is an unordered list that you style as tabs. Tired of them? Want something new to impress your friends, while keeping it accessible and unbelievably lightweight? Try this script.  63 comments  

74 CSS Galleries ranked ...
Who knew there were so many ... what a waste ... just check !! 25 comments

Why HTML renders differently in different browsers
A very thorough article about why browsers render HTML differently. 69 comments

3d graphics in JavaScript
See a live demonstration of a 3d rendering system written entirely in JavaScript! 65 comments

Programming Theorems
"A list of rules I've come up with lately, based on my experience in programming." 41 comments

Desktop Java and Desktop Linux: A Match Made in Heaven?
Although the .NET vs. Java war is basically over for control of the Windows desktop, where .NET is sure to become the managed language of choice for new Windows desktop applications, there is a new battle brewing. That battle is for the Linux desktop. 79 comments

New startup Scribd "YouTube for documents" - Tons of free ebooks already
These guys have a new embedded flash PDF player. If you upload your docs, they'll show you detailed stats on who's reading them, and a map showing where the viewers are from. There are a ton of free programming ebooks on the site, and since anyone can upload them, there are going to be a lot more. 68 comments

Tableless forms
Learn by example how to create a tableless css form.  94 comments

Classic Texts in Computer Science

A great list of classic computer science texts. Featuring such geeky titles as 'Let's Build a Compiler' and 'A Universal Algorithm for Sequential Data Compression'.  27 comments

Community Driven Open Source Web Design
The Open Design Community (TODC) is a group of Open Source Website Designers providing free web design templates helping to make the global internet a prettier place. 41 comments

Acts As Ferret Tutorial with Ruby on Rails -

A detailed tutorial which shows how to use Ferret, the full-text search engine, inside your Ruby on Rails Applications. 19 comments 

Are you a Programmer or a Coder?
Are programmers or should we called them coders, the most neglected link in the Software Development Chain?Coders are like smart assembly line workers as opposed to programmers who are plant engineers. Programmers are the brains, the glorious visionaries who create things. 140 comments 

The importance of checking your error messages
"Since my first web site in 1995, error messages have always been a frustration for me. Working with hundreds of developers over the years, the error messages can really put egg on your face when you go live. Many times there are swear words in them, they are not properly formatted, the non-english speaking coders show through."  37 comments

C Is The New Assembly
Short blog post arguing C maybe 'The new assembly'. I must say I agree. Interesting read, with some links for further reading. 83 comments

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