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April 28, 2008

Free C Programming Course Videos

Here are some great free classroom training Videos from the CSCI N305 C Programming Course at Indiana University-Purdue University. These will show and teach you how to get started programming in C, along with learning how to apply intermediate techniques, such as program control, functions, arrays, pointers, and structures. A current version of Realplayer is needed for these videos. Also, check out this course's complete Class Calendar containing lecture slides, readings, projects, and assignments.

Lecture Video Segment
-- General Orientation
1a Introduction to Computers (hardware)
1b Introduction to Computers (languages)
2a First C Program
2b Mixing Data Types
Basic Input | Output
3a Basic IO printf()
3b Basic IO scanf()
Variable Declarations, Data Types, Expressions
4a Variables and Operators
4b Assignments
Program Control
5a Problem Solving Using STAIR
5b Algorithms
5c Standard C Statements
5d Additional C Statements
6a Declarations
6b Examples
6c Scope, Parameter Passing, Storage Specifiers
6d Recursion
Information Representation
7a Positive Integers
Information Representation
8a Negative Integer Representation
8b Floating Point Representation
Information Representation
9a Characters and Images
Information Representation
10a Machine Instructions
10b Machine Instructions Demo
11a Declaration
11b Strings and Parameter Passing
11c Multidimensional Arrays
11d Case Study
12a Introduction to Ethics
13a Introduction
13b Call-by-Reference
13c Pointer Arithmetic
Characters and Strings
14a Literals and Variables
14b Functions
15a Declarations
15b Functions and Arrays

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