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April 30, 2008

UCLA's Introduction to C++ Programming Course

Here is UCLA's Introduction to C++ Programming Course, providing free lecture slides, excellent textbook chapter notes, training handouts, code examples, and exams with solutions. C++ Topics covered include basic principles of programming using C++, algorithmic and procedural problem solving, program design and development, basic data types, control structures, functions, arrays, pointers, and introduction to classes for programmer-defined data types. Also, here are the C++ Language Coding Guidelines, available from the website of the textbook used in this course.

Lecture Slides, Chapter Notes, Handouts, and Exams/Solutions:

Topic Materials
Introduction to programming Lecture 1 Notes
PIC Lab Handout
Sec 1.8 Handout
Big C++ Chap. 1 Notes
Number types, input & output Lecture 2 Notes
Big C++ Chap. 2 Notes
Assignment, constants, arithmetic Lecture 3 Notes
Circles Example Program
HW 1 Due, Solution
Lecture 4 Notes
More Strings & Classes Lecture 5 Notes
Big C++ Chap. 3 Notes
Graphics Output Lecture 6 Notes
Graphics Handout
CCC Graphics Library
Graphics Input, The if statement
HW 2 Due, Solution
Lecture 7 Notes
5-Day Forecast Example
if statements and while loops Lecture 8 Notes
Big C++ Chap. 4 Notes
Writing functions Lecture 9 Notes
Big C++ Chap. 5 Notes
Passing to functions
HW 3 Due, Solution
Review Session 5:15, MS 5200
Lecture 10 Notes
Review 1 Notes
Midterm Exam 1
Exam 1 Solutions
Practice Exam 1, Solutions
F06 Exam 1, Solutions
W07 Exam 1, Solutions
Pascal's Review Questions
Global variables, pseudocode Lecture 11 Notes
Pseudocode and assert
HW 4 Due, Solution
Lecture 12 Notes
Classes Lecture 13 Notes
Big C++ Chap. 6 Notes
Member functions Lecture 14 Notes
Operator overloading
HW 5 Due, Solution
Lecture 15 Notes
The Rectangle Class
Review of classes Lecture 16 Notes
The Account Class
switch and if statements Lecture 17 Notes
Big C++ Chap. 7 Notes
Random numbers
HW 6 Due, Solution
Lecture 18 Notes
for and do loops Lecture 19 Notes
Testing and debugging
HW 7 Due, Solution1 2
Lecture 20 Notes
Exam 2 Review Notes
Big C++ Chap. 8 Notes
Midterm Exam 2
Exam 2 Solutions
Practice Exam 2, Solutions
F06 Exam 2, Solutions
W07 Exam 2, Solutions
Introduction to Vectors Lecture 21 Notes
Big C++ Chap. 9 Notes
Vectors in Functions Lecture 22 Notes
Arrays Lecture 23 Notes
File I/O
HW 8 Due, Solution 1 2 3
Lecture 24 Notes
Big C++ Chap. 12 Notes
Introduction to Pointers Lecture 25 Notes
Binky Pointer Video
Big C++ Chap. 10 Notes
Dynamic arrays Lecture 26 Notes
HW 9 Due, Solution 1 2 3
Lecture 27 Notes
Final Exam
3:00-6:00, Young Hall 50
W07 Final, Solutions
F06 Final, Solutions
Review Questions

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