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May 6, 2008

Free Oracle 11g DBA Course

Here is an opportunity to enroll in a Free Oracle 11g DBA Course, published by Oracle Corp., named "Oracle 2 Day DBA Course - Oracle Database 11g Release 1". This free Oracle course is available to those who live in the USA and Canada, and it is designed to complement the Oracle 2 Day DBA documentation. (The OBE lessons can be performed on either Windows or Linux.)

In this Oracle course you will learn how to perform the following tasks using the step-by-step instructions in each lesson:

   1. Introduction (No additional materials complement this chapter)
   2. Installing Oracle and Building the Database
   3. Getting Started with Oracle Enterprise Manager
   4. Configuring the Network Environment
   5. Managing the Oracle Instance
   6. Managing Database Storage Structures
   7. Administering Users and Security
   8. Managing Schema Objects
   9. Performing Backup and Recovery
  10. Monitoring and Tuning the Database
  11. Managing Oracle Software

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