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May 7, 2008

78 Programming Tutorials from WikiHow

Here are 78 Tutorials on Programming and Programming Languages from WikiHow, which calls itself 'the How-to Manual That You Can Edit', as you can add to and edit the tutorials and articles it hosts. These tutorials cover how to program in languages such as Java, C, C++, C#. JavaScript, PHP, Perl, and Python. They also cover Web Development, Flash, MySQL, and relational data modeling.

Java Programming Tutorials:
 - Become a Java Programmer
 - Write Your First Program in Java
 - Program in Java
 - Create a Swing GUI in Java
 - Create a Variable in Java
 - Make a Grade Maker in Java
 - Use Graphics in a Java Applet
 - Make a Java Applet
 - Encode a String to Base64 With Java

C and C++ Programming Tutorials:
 - Learn to Program in C
 - Compare Two Strings in C Programming
 - Compile a C Program Using the Gnu Compiler (Gcc)
 - Set up Borland's Free C Compiler for Windows
 - Convert Exe File of C Program to Screensaver
 - Create a Simple Program in C++
 - Create a Template in C++
 - Create the "Favorite Number" Program in C++
 - Find Headers and Libraries for C/C++ Programs Using Pkg Config
 - Write a Math Practice Program in C++
 - Create Pointers in C

C# Programming Tutorial:
 - Get Started Programming in C Sharp

Web Design and Development Tutorials:
 - Use Simple HTML Format
 - Make a Scrolling Marquee in HTML
 - Become a Professional Web Designer and Programmer
 - Write PHP Scripts
 - Learn Perl
 - Create Javascript Conditional Operators
 - Toggle Html Display With Javascript
 - Use an Array Class in JavaScript
 - Use the Javascript Confirm Function

Flash Tutorials:
 - Make a Loading Screen in Flash
 - Use Arrays in Adobe Flash
 - Set up a Friendlier Build Environment for Adobe Flex 2 SDK

Python Programming Tutorials:
 - Learn The Python Language
 - Start Programming in Python
 - Program in Python With Pygame

MySQL and Database Tutorials:
 - Make Changes to the Database Structure in Mysql
 - Create a Relational Data Model

General and Other Programming Tutorials:

 - Start Learning to Program
 - Become a Free Software Hacker
 - Contribute to Open Source
 - Convert from Binary to Decimal
 - Convert from Decimal to Binary
 - Create Options or Choices in a Batch File
 - Create a Loop of One Query in Coldfusion
 - Create a Scorm Compliant Quiz
 - Create a Torrent
 - Create an RSS Feed
 - Design a Search Engine to Actually Search
 - Generate Hibernate Pojo Classes from DB Tables
 - Generate N Different Random Numbers
 - Hand Trace Through Software Code
 - Have a Successful Open Source Project
 - Improve the Readability of Your Software Code
 - Improve your Skills as a Programmer
 - Learn a Programming Language
 - Make Exe Files Using Notepad
 - Make a Map With Valve Hammer Editor
 - Program Using Gnu Emacs
 - Program in Justbasic
 - Restore a SQL Server Database Backup
 - Program with VBScript
 - Start Programming in Assembly
 - Understand Geo Tools
 - Use Your Command Prompt to Batch Process Graphics Conversion With Solid Converter Gx
 - Use the Command Prompt and Write in Batch Languge
 - View Your DirectX Information
 - Write an Easy to Read Programming Code
 - Become a Computer Scientist
 - Become a Programmer
 - Build Isc Bind Dns in Windows
 - Build a Yahoo! Widget
 - Convert an Mde to an Mdb
 - Program Using QBasic
 - Program an Etch A Sketch in Blitz3D
 - Program in Haskell
 - Understand Object Oriented Programming
 - Use the Quick Unicode Tool

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