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May 14, 2008

Jon Skeet's C# and .NET Articles and Tutorials

Here are Jon Skeet's C# and .NET Articles and Tutorials covering many C# areas and concepts that will make a you better and more effective C# programmer and developer. Many topics presented in these C# articles are applicable to other .NET languages, but there are some items that are specidifc to C#. The framework and library articles are more independent of programming language, though they are written in relation to C#. Also, here are excellent C# Notes on many C# topics that Jon Skeet wrote while writing his book, C# in Depth. And, if you'd like to, take a look at Jon's C# Coding Blog.

C# Articles and Tutorials:
 - Newsgroup C# FAQ
 - C# 2.0
 - Parameter passing
 - Delegates and events
 - Implementing the singleton pattern
 - Constructors
 - C# Brainteasers
 - C# and beforefieldinit
 - The Beauty of Closures
 - Why Properties Matter
 - Bluffer's Guide to C# 2
 - Bluffer's Guide to C# 3
Framework and Library Articles and Tutorials:
 - Generic operators
 - Concatenating Strings Efficiently
 - Exceptions and Performance Redux  (original version)
 - Strings in .NET
 - Multi-threading in .NET
 - Reading binary data
 - Unicode
 - Debugging Unicode Problems
 - Memory in .NET - what goes where
 - Binary floating point basics
 - Decimal floating point basics
 - Plug-ins and cast exceptions

Miscellaneous Articles and Tutorials:
 - Debugging tips
 - Short but complete programs
 - Obfuscation and Decompilation
 - Job postings on newsgroups

Code and Libraries:
 - Miscellaneous Utilities
 - EBCDIC encoding
 - Simple micro-benchmarking in C#

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