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May 28, 2008

Multimedia Design and Development Course

Here is an excellent course on Multimedia Design and Development, from Lehigh Univeristy, which covers the analysis, design and implementation of multimedia software, primarily for e-learning courses or training.. The lecture notes and slides linked below will teach you many best practices for interface design, content design with storyboards or scripts, creation of graphics, animation, audio and video materials, and software development using high level authoring tools, such as Flash.

Goals of the course:
 - To learn how to design and develop multimedia for real world e-learning
 - To practice software engineering in a learner-oriented project
 - To learn and apply cognitive principles of user interface design
 - To learn how to implement multimedia e-leaning in Macromedia Flash

Lecture Notes and Slides from Multimedia Design and Development Course:

  • Lecture on goals and requirements of course; hypermedia and interactive multimedia (PowerPoint)
  • Lab 1: Flash workspace, drawing and text tools (Powerpoint).
  • Lecture on assembling a multimedia development team and roles (PowerPoint)
  • Lab 2: Flash timelines and animation (Powerpoint).
  • Lecture on multmedia life cycle: multimedia as a software development process (PowerPoint)
  • Lecture on structures and tools (Powerpoint format).
  • Lecture on user interface design and prototyping (Powerpoint). Includes a blog assignment and a project assignment.
  • Lecture on e-learning (Powerpoint). Based on Clark and Mayer, e-Learning: The Science of Instruction, chapters 1-2, and other materials (Powerpoint)
  • Lecture on Design: storyboards and scripts (PowerPoint)
  • Multimedia and contiguity principles from e-Learning: The Science of Instruction, chapters 3-4 (PowerPoint)
  • Modality (visual and audio) and redundancy principles from e-Learning: The Science of Instruction, chapters 5-6 (PowerPoint)
  • Coherence, personalization and practice principles from e-Learning: The Science of Instruction, ch 7-9 (PointerPoint)
  • Lecture on sound in multimedia (Powerpoint)
  • Testing through user observations (PowerPoint).
  • The Importance of Color (Steve Zanias's PowerPoint).
  • Startup and (advanced) Flash development (Rob Sandie's Flash Paper presentation).
  • Lecture on Dynamic HTML and AJAX: Cascading Style Sheets, Document Object Model, JavaScript (Powerpoint) (Word)

  • Lecture on User interface design (Word format). PowerPoint here.
  • Lecture on Graphical image development (Word format) (Powerpoint).
  • Lecture on Text and fonts (Word format), (Powerpoint).
  • Lecture on Media types (sound, animation, video) (Word format)
  • Lecture on web development using Dreamweaver (Word format)
  • Lecture on acquiring and negotiating permissions for content and talent (Word format)

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