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June 24, 2008

Study & Reference Guides for LPI Linux Certification Exams

Here are freely available study guides, practice tests, and preparation materials for all six LPI Linux Certification Exams. There are currently three LPI certification levels. The first level LPIC-1 is granted after passing exams LPI 101 and LPI 102. Passing the LPI 201 and LPI 202 exams grant the second level certification, LPIC-2. The third level, LPIC-3, is attained when passing the LPI 301 and LPI 302 exams. I have posted below study materials and reference guides for all of these Linux certification exams.

Linux Professional Institute Exam LPIC 101 Preparation Guide, Version 3

This document was produced to help candidates pass the LPI 101 exam. The authors created it essentially as a reference document and not as a tutorial. This is a required exam for LPI certification Level 1. It covers basic system administration skills that are common across all distributions of Linux. (154 pages, 595kb, pdf format)

Topic 101     Hardware & Architecture
   1.101.1      Configure Fundamental BIOS Settings                                                                                                       .
   1.101.3      Configure Modem and Sound cards
   1.101.4      Setup SCSI Devices
   1.101.5      Setup different PC expansion cards                                                                                                      .
   1.101.6      Configure Communication Devices                                                                                                 .
   1.101.7      Configure USB devices

Topic 102     Linux Installation & Package Management
   1.102.1      Design hard disk layout
   1.102.2      Install a boot manager
   1.102.3      Make and install programs from source
   1.102.4      Manage shared libraries
   1.102.5      Use Debian package management
   1.102.6      Use Red Hat Package Manager (RPM)

Topic 103     GNU & Unix Commands
   1.103.1      Work on the command line
   1.103.2      Process text streams using filters
   1.103.3      Perform basic file management
   1.103.4      Use streams, pipes, and redirects
   1.103.5      Create, monitor, and kill processes
   1.103.6      Modify process execution priorities
   1.103.7      Search text files using regular expressions
   1.103.8      Perform basic file editing operations using vi

Topic 104     Devices, Linux Filesystems, Filesystem Hierarchy Standard
   1.104.1      Create partitions and filesystems
   1.104.2      Maintain the integrity of filesystems
   1.104.3      Control mounting and unmounting filesystems
   1.104.4      Managing disk quota
   1.104.5      Use file permissions to control access to files
   1.104.6      Manage file ownership
   1.104.7      Create and change hard and symbolic links.
   1.104.8      Find system files and place files in the correct location

Topic 110    The X Window System
   1.110.1      Install & Configure XFree86
   1.110.2      Setup a display manager
   1.110.4      Install & Customize a Window Manager Environment

Study Guide Linux System Administration 1

Lab work for LPI 101 (RPM)  (114 pages, 521kb, pdf format)

  Hardware Configuration
  Managing Devices
  The Linux Filesystem
  The Command Line
  File Management
  Process Management
  Text Processing
  Software Installation
  Advanced Text Manipulation
  Using vi
  The X Environment

Linux Professional Institute Exam LPIC 102 Preparation Guide

The LPIC 102 Exam is a required exam for LPI certification Level 1. This document was produced to help candidates pass the LPI 102 exam. The author created it essentially as a reference document and not as a tutorial. It covers basic system administration skills that are common across all distributions of Linux. (160 pages, 667kb, pdf format)

Topic 105 Kernel
  1.105.1   Manage/Query kernel and kernel modules at runtime
  1.105.2   Reconfigure, build, and install a custom kernel and kernel modules

Topic 106 Boot, Initialization, Shutdown and Runlevels
  1.106.1   Boot the system
  1.106.2   Change runlevels and shutdown or reboot system

Topic 107 Printing
  1.107.2   Manage printers and print queues
  1.107.3   Print files
  1.107.4   Install and configure local and remote printers

Topic 108 Documentation
  1.108.1   Use and manage local system documentation
  1.108.2   Find Linux documentation on the Internet
  1.108.5   Notify users on system-related issues

Topic 109 Shells, Scripting, Programming and Compiling
  1.109.1   Customize and use the shell environment
  1.109.2   Customize or write simple scripts

Topic 111 Administrative Tasks
  1.111.1   Manage users and group accounts and related system files
  1.111.2   Tune the user environment and system environment variables
  1.111.3   Configure and use system log files to meet admin and security needs
  1.111.4   Automate system admintasks by scheduling jobs to run in the future
  1.111.5   Maintain an effective data backup strategy
  1.111.6   Maintain system time

Topic 112   Networking Fundamentals
  1.112.1   Fundamentals of TCP/IP
  1.112.3   TCP/IP configuration and troubleshooting
  1.112.4   Configure Linux as a PPP client

Topic 113   Networking Services
  1.113.1   Configure and manage inetd, xinetd, and related services
  1.113.2   Operate and perform basic configuration of sendmail
  1.113.3   Operate and perform basic configuration of Apache
  1.113.4   Properly manage the NFS, smb, and nmb daemons
  1.113.5   Setup and configure basic DNS services
  1.113.7   Set up secure shell (OpenSSH)

Topic 114   Security
  1.114.1   Perform security administration tasks
  1.114.2   Setup host security
  1.114.3   Setup user level security

Linux System Administration II
Lab work for LPI 102 (RPM)  (115 pages, 623kb, pdf format)

  The Linux Kernel
  Booting Linux
  Managing Groups and Users
  Network Configuration
  TCP/IP Networks
  Network Services
  Bash Scripting
  Basic Security
  Linux System Administration
  Setting up PPP
  LPI 102 Objectives

LPI Manuals, from the Free GNU/Linux Administration Manuals project

The following free LPI manuals are available in the OpenOffice SXW format: LPI101, LPI102, LPI201, LPI202

LPIC 301 and LPIC 302 Study References from

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