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June 25, 2008

Two Nice C++ Programming Guides

Here are two nice C++ Programming Guides: one is a style guide and the other is an overview of the most important feaures of the C++ programming language. These will help you become a better and more effective C++ programmer and application developer.

C++ Programming Style Guide

Exerpt from this guide: "Good style is like touch typing: it may seem counter-productive at first, but the initial effort will pay enormous dividends. After a little while, the elements of good style will be second nature. Good style will help you to debug your programs more easily, and also make them more easily readable by your instructor." From the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Denison University.  (11 pages, 35kb, pdf format)

 - Readability
 - Comments
 - Naming
 - Functions
 - Miscellaneous Guidelines
 - An Example Program

C++ Overview

This document, from Rice University, is an overview of the C++ programming language for those with little or no experience with it. It can also be used as a reference for more experienced C++ programmers. It assumes you are experienced in programming with some other programming language. It describes several important features of the C++ language that you need to know and presents coding examples, from which you should be able to determine the general rules of writing C++ programs.  (48 pages, 398kb, pdf format)

  1. Data Types
  2. Operations
  3. Input/output
  4. Arrays
  5. Control Structures
  6. Functions
  7. Classes
  8. The AObject Class
  9. Exercises

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