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July 2, 2008

Free .NET and C# Programming Course

Rai OpenCourseware offers freely available course content, or courseware, which is literally a "treasure trove of knowledge and related resources".  Their Computing Courses provide higher education and learning for Information Technology to all students and professionals who like to study and learn on their own. Educational institutions can also use this free course content.

Here is Rai OpenCourseware's C# and .NET Technologies Course, that will show you how to get started programming using the .NET Framework, ASP.NET, and C# (CSharp). These free .NET training tutorial lessons are well illustrated and provide step-by-step instructions for using this application development technology. The C# programming language  derives from C and C++ and is simple, entirely object-oriented, and type- safe. Many C# statements are directly borrowed from C and C++, including expressions and operators. This free C# course takes you on a tour of C# and answers questions such as why you should use C#, what the main differences are between C++ and C#, and why C# may make application development more efficient. The course tutorials are in pdf format. You can also search their free training courses using this google search, just change or add to the C# keyword to find what you're looking for.

.NET and C# Programming Course Lessons:

Lesson 1: Introduction to ASP .NET and Server Controls
Lesson 2: Control Action Events
Lesson 3: Performing Page Navigation
Lesson 4: Performing Page Navigation
Lesson 5: Caching-I
Lesson 6: Caching-II
Lesson 7: Application State
Lesson 8: Managing Application state, Session state
Lesson 9: Configuration
Lesson 10: HTTP Handlers and Modules & WhosOn Application
Lesson 11: Validation ASP .NET
Lesson 12 Overview
Lesson 13: The Underpinnings
Lesson 14: Virtual Object Systems
Lesson 15: Common Language Specification
Lesson 16: First C# Applications
Lesson 17: C# Data Types
Lesson 18: C# Reference Types
Lesson 19: C# , Data Types, Reference Types
Lesson 20: Constructors and Destructors, Methods, Method Parameters
Lesson 21: In parameter, ref parameter, out parameter
Lesson 22: Overriding methods, Method hiding, Class properties
Lesson 23: Indexer, Events
Lesson 24: Applying modifiers, Class, Access and Member modifiers
Lesson 25: Selection Statements
Lesson 26: Group Discussion
Lesson 27: Iteration Statements
Lesson 28: Checked & Unchecked Statements
Lesson 29: Overflow checking
Lesson 30: Catching with try-catch-finally
Lesson 31: Throwing, Re-Throwing Exceptions
Lesson 32: Creating Exceptions, Do’s and Don’ts of Exception
Lesson 33: Handling first VB .NET Application start page
Lesson 34: Creating New Project, Examining IDE creation
Lesson 35: VB.NET Application
Lesson 36: Other VB .NET Application

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