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July 8, 2008

Free Programming Methodology Course

This is Rai OpenCourseware's Programming Methodology Course, which will goes through the history of programming languages, compares and constrasts the popular programming languages, and reviews and discusses data structures, recursion, graph and tree, Object Oriented Programming Concepts, Event Driven Programming, Algorithms, Graphical User Interface,  Cryptography, and Software Development Methodology. These free programming training tutorial lessons are well illustrated and provide step-by-step instructions. The course tutorials are in pdf format. You can also search their free training courses using this google search, just change or add to the 'programming' keyword to find what you're looking for.

Programming Methodology Course Lessons:

Lecture 1:  Introduction
Lecture 2:  Introduction
Lecture 3:  Recursion
Lecture 4:  Fundamental Data Structure
Lecture 5:  Fundamental Of Data Structure (Cont.)
Lecture 6:  Fundamental Of Data Structure (Cont.)
Lecture 7:  Graph & Tree
Lecture 8:  Tutorial
Lecture 9:  Object Oriented Programming Concepts
Lecture 10:  Object-Oriented Programming (Cont.)
Lecture 11:  Object-Oriented Programming (Cont.)
Lecture 12:  Event Driven Programming
Lecture 13:  Language Translation
Lecture 14:  Tutorial
Lecture 15:  Algorithm Strategies
Lecture 16:  Algorithm Strategies (Cont.)
Lecture 17:  Algorithm Strategies (Cont.)
Lecture 18:  Fundamental Computing Algorithms
Lecture 19:  Fundamental Computing Algorithm (Cont.)
Lecture 20:  Tutorial
Lecture 21:  Graphical User Interface
Lecture 22:  Introduction To Cryptography
Lecture 23:  Tutorial
Lecture 24:  Software Development Methodology
Lecture 25:  Software Development Methodology (Cont.)
Lecture 26:  Tutorial
Lecture 27:  Assignment

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