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July 24, 2008

C++ Programming Course from Imperial College

This is an intensive introductory Programming Course Using C++, from William Knottenbelt at Imperial College London. This C++ course provides great learning lecture notes that you can use to learn how to program using the C++ language. They have been kept up to date by four different professors over the years. If you are new to programming this course may be suited for you since little previous programming experience is assumed. All the example programs referenced in the lecture notes and all the answers to the exercises have been written in ANSI standard C++, and have been tested using the GNU g++ compiler. Professor Knottenbelt also makes available a 40-slide Introduction to C++ for Java and C programmers (10-pages, 3.1mb, pdf format).

C++ Programming Course:

Lecture 1: Introducing C++

Lecture 2: Variables, Types and Expressions

Lecture 3: Functions and Procedural Abstraction

Lecture 4: Files and Streams

Lecture 5: Branch and Loop Statements

Lecture 6: Arrays and Strings

Lecture 7: Pointers

Lecture 8: Recursion

Appendix 1 - Guide to emacs and g++

Appendix 2 - Debugging

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