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August 2, 2008

Free Java Learning Docs from NYU

New York University has made the following four Java Reference and Learning Documents and Lectures available online for those wanting to hone or upgrade their programming skills in Java and Swing.

Java Language Reference

This Java Reference guide provides code examples and explanations of the Java programming topics linked 1 - 7 below. 

  1. Input/Output
  2. Classes
  3. Interface
  4. String Class
  5. Arrays
  6. Casting
  7. References

Quick Java Reference

This Quick Java Reference guide provides more coding examples and descriptions of the Java programming topics linked 1 - 8 below. Also, here is some info on Java Strings.
  1. AWT
  2. Command-Line Arguments
  3. Applet Arguments
  4. Timing
  5. Java 2D API
  6. Inner Classes
  7. Images in Java 2D
  8. Random Numbers

Swing Tutorial

This Swing introductory tutorial will help you to understand Java user interface programming. Here are the Java source code examples for this Swing tutorial. Some of the Java Swing programs and topics covered are as follows:

    introduces the use of a JFrame that is empty.

    introduces a "WindowListener" for a JFrame to quit properly.

    adds a JPanel to a JFrame.

    elaborates on by introducing fonts.

    primitives for drawing/filling polygons and arcs
    primitives for drawing/filling various rectangles

    first steps into event handling
    Demo is a panel with 2 buttons.

Java Visualization Lectures

This is a hands-on, projects-oriented course. Programming for computer graphics will require Java programming (especially Java2D).

Lecture 1: Introduction to Visualization, Modeling and the Web
programs   |   html

Lecture 2: Java2D
programs   |   html

Lecture 2a: Applets
programs   |   html

Lecture 3: Basic Computational Geometry
pdf   |   html

Lecture 4: Computational Geometry I: Plane Sweep
pdf   |   html

Lecture 5: Point Location and Half-Edge Structure
pdf   |   html

Lecture 6: Tiger Dataset
pdf   |   html

Lecture 7: Swing (I)
pdf   |   html

Lecture 8: Swing (II)
pdf   |   html

Lecture 9: Databases and Postgres
pdf   |   html   |   progs   |   Online SQL information

Lecture 10: Computational Geometry II: Box Queries
pdf   |   html

Lecture 11: Simplification
pdf   |   html

Lecture 12: Zoom Architecture
pdf   |   html

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