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October 6, 2008

Oracle's 11g 2-Day Database and .NET Developer's Course

Here is a 2-day dotNEt Database Course from Oracle, titled Oracle Database 2 Day + .NET Developer's Guide 11g Release 1 (11.1). This will help you get started using the Oracle database with the .NET Framework, including the key features of Oracle Data Provider for .NET and Oracle Developer Tools for Visual Studio. Using this, you will learn how to install, configure, and build basic applications using Oracle .NET components and software. You will also learn how to create and work with PL-SQL and .NET stored procedures. Also check out the related documents linked below the table of contents. This guide is also available in pdf format.

Table of Contents for Oracle's 2 Day Database and .NET Developer's Course:

1 Introduction

2 Installing .NET Products 3 Building a Simple .NET Application Using ODP .NET 4 Retrieving and Updating with Oracle Data Provider for .NET 5 Using Oracle Developer Tools for Visual Studio 6 Using PL/SQL Stored Procedures and REF CURSORs 7 Developing and Deploying .NET Stored Procedures 8 Including Globalization Support Appendix A Starting and Stopping an Oracle Database Instance
Appendix B Copying a Form  Index

Related Training and Help Documents from Oracle:

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