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October 20, 2008

Data Structures Course Slides

Here is the Data Structures Course and Lecture Slides at, which will help you  better understand data structures, if you need this. Topics covered by the lecture slides include: Lists, Queues and Stack, Runtime analysis, Templates, Recursion, Trees, Complexity, Sets, AVL trees, Heaps, ncubed, Splay Trees, B trees, B+ trees, and Hashing. These data structure slides will also help you understand how to perform run time analysis on a program and assist you with writing C++ code..

Data Structure Lecture Slides:
 - Introduction
 - Lists
 - Queues and stacks
 - Runtime analysis
 - Templates
 - Recursion
 - Trees
 - Complexity
 - Sets
 - AVL trees
 - Heaps
 - ncubed
 - Splay Trees
 - Tries
 - B trees
 - B+ trees
 - Hashing 1
 - Hashing 2
 - Graph Definition
 - Graph Algorithms
 - Disjoint Sets
 - Spanning Trees
 - Sort
 - Design

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