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November 22, 2008

Java Data Structures Tutorial

Here is an exellent Java Data Structures Tutorial from One of the goals of this Java tutorial is to show how easy Java really is to learn. Because Java is a programming language with no pointers, data structures are relatively simple to implement. By learning how easy they are to implement in Java, you'll be able to write any implementation yourself.

The author states that this document is a good introduction to Data Structures in general. All these concepts can be applied in any programming language. Most of the Java programs in this tutorial were ported from their C++ counterparts, so, if you want to learn Data Structures in C and C++, you will also find this document useful. Most coding examples are executed is through the JDK's command line Java interpreter. The current release of this Java Data Structures tutorial, along with all the source code, is available here in zip format. The author recommends that the subjects be read in the sequence shown below.

Contents fo Java Data Structures Tutorial:


Array Stack
Array Queue
Array List
The Vector


Linked Lists
Reusing Tricks

Generic Tree
Comparing Objects
Binary Search Trees
Tree Traversals

Node Pools
Node Pool Nodes
Node Pool Generic Trees
Node Pool Sort Trees

Priority Vectors
Sorting JDK 1.2 Style
Sorting using Quicksort
Optimizing Quicksort
Radix Sort
Improving Radix Sort

Reading and Writing Trees (Serialization)
Deleting items from a Binary Search Tree
Determining Tree Depth

Advanced Linked Lists
Doubly Linked Lists (with Enumeration)

Binary Space Partition Trees (BSP)
Binary Space Partition Tree DEMO (Dog 3D)
Binary Space Partition Tree DEMO with Lighting (Dog 3D)

Kitchen Sink Methods
Java Native Interface (JNI)


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