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January 14, 2009

Core and Enterprise Java Tutorials by Srikanth

Here are some good Java Core and Java Enterprise Tutorials at, located in the Articles archive and written by Srikanth. These show you how to code Java using detailed step-by-step instructions, along with useful code examples.

Java Core Tutorials:

 - Creating Desktop Shortcut For Java Application
 - New features of Java SE 6.0
 - What's New in Java 5.0
 - Getting Started With Java

Java Enterpise Tutorials:

 - Creating a Servlet Without any IDE
 - Using MySQL 5.0 with Java
 - Accessing EJB in JBoss from Swing Client
 - Java EE Design Patterns
 - Creating and using custom tags
 - Custom Tags and JSP interaction
 - A simple Struts application
 - Creating and using Web services with AXIS
 - Understanding how to user Filters
 - Listeners
 - Converting Excel data to Oracle Table
 - Upload file from client to server using JSP

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