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February 10, 2009

Learning How to Program

Here is a nice free online class for getting started with programming computer applications and learning how to program. This is one of the free programming and web design courses offered in HP's Learning Center. Free registration is required.

Computer Programming: Introduction
Discover a world of useful information in this plain-language introduction to computer programming for beginners.

This class explains the basic components of computer programming. You'll explore many languages, varying from simple scripting to object-oriented programming. You'll examine database query and markup languages to help you understand how computers manipulate data and function across the internet. You'll also get coding examples you can use in the real world.

What you'll learn
 - Understand how computer programs work
 - Describe the elements common to all computer programs
 - Understand the key terminology of computer programming
 - Understand how the most complex systems are built from simpler parts
 - Explore programming with modern object-oriented languages

Lesson 1: A brief history of programming languages: getting started
In this lesson, you'll become familiar with types of programming languages, programming terminology and their uses. You'll also discover the essentials of programming, such as how the operating system compiles, interprets and executes commands.

Lesson 2: Computer programming tutorial: learning parts of a program
This lesson covers program structure. You'll learn how control statements, loops and conditional statements change the behavior of a program based on inputs or other conditions. You'll also discover how variables and constants manage your data.

Lesson 3: Exploring subprograms and computer input and output
This lesson introduces subprograms, functions and subroutines, which enable you to reuse commonly used portions of programs to save development time. You'll also learn about graphical user interfaces, which make working with your programs easier.

Lesson 4: C, C++, C# and Java computer programming languages
Some of the most popular full-featured programming languages today are C, C++, C# and Java. In this lesson, you'll learn a brief history of these languages and how to structure simple programs using them.

Lesson 5: Beginning programming for the web
A majority of programs written today are designed to work on the web. In this lesson, you'll learn about web programming technologies and languages, such as HTML, PHP and JSP. You'll also learn how XML exchanges data among different systems.

Lesson 6: Reading and storing computer data
In this lesson, you'll learn the important programming concepts of data storage, file manipulation and memory management. You'll also learn how programs interact with databases to efficiently retrieve and store large quantities of data.

Lesson 7: Programming for networks and mobile devices
Knowing how to make computer programs that communicate with other systems over the web is essential today. This lesson covers basic networking concepts and programs that retrieve data from the internet, send email and interact with mobile devices.

Lesson 8: Discovering your future as a professional programmer
Get an introduction to the world of professional programming, starting with a survey of various kinds of digital systems. The class ends with a discussion of the environments and tools you work with as a professional programmer.

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