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March 12, 2009

.NET Web Services and CLR Presentation Slides

Here are Jim Miller's two Web Services and Common Language Runtime Presentations, located at Dr. Miller, who works as a Lead Program Manager for Microsoft Corporation, explains the concept of Web Services and the Common Language Runtime (CLR) in two separate presentations, the first flowing to concepts presented in the second. These presentations help you understand more about these two concepts using source code and examples from Microsoft Stack.

This first section outlines problems of the web in terms of interaction between multiple applications and explains how this issue can be overcome using Web Services. Dr. Miller talks about the various distributed technologies that have emerged over the years, which include Web Services. He also explains how to utilize Web Services and various other standards, simplifying it with source code and industry examples.

Web Services Presentation I
 - Web Services Part I (html)
 - Web Services Part I (ppt)

In the second section, Dr. Miller discusses the various web development tools available to develop web applications using web services. The first few slides of the presentations help us to understand how a web service can be used in traditional web applications using the HTML, ASP.Net, Scripting, UDDI,WSDL,SOAP etc. This seciton also covers the .Net Common Language Runtime architecture and the .NET execution model for managed and unmanaged code, along with details about native code, IL code and Meta data and mapping these with and WSDL, etc.

Web Services Presentation II:
 - Web Services Part II (html)
 - Web Services Part II (ppt)

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