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March 17, 2009

13 Web Services Tutorials

Here are 13 Web Services Tutorials at These Web Services tutorials will familiarize you with the need for Web Services, its benefits and how to go about developing enterprise applications. It also explains in detail how to create XML Web Services with C++ and with the use of an existing COM component. Web Services tutorials also introduce the concept of Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), which is responsible for grouping functionality with business process and bind them together to form interoperable services.

Web Services Tutorials:

 -  Create and Consume a Web Service in .NET
 -  How to get Rid of your hidden internet history files (p.s sorry only for windows 95 98 )
 -  Introduction to XML for the beginner: Understanding Markup Languages
 -  Walkthrough: Creating an XML WebService using Manged Extensions for C++
 -  WalkThought: Accessing an XML web service using C++
 -  Calling Web Services Asynchronously
 -  Using an Existing COM Component to Create a Web Service
 -  Basic WSDL and how to use WSDL docs to Access a SOAP Service
 -  Random Sliding Bars in Flash 5
 -  Interoperability of Web Services (Part 2)
 -  Interoperability of Web Services: Seeing is believing
 -  Consuming a web service with command-line tools
 -  Creating and Using a Simple Web Service, Part I

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