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March 19, 2009

Lots of C# Tutorials

Here you can find lots of C# Tutorials at to learn the C# programming basics to C# advanced. C# (pronounced C Sharp) is a programming language developed by Microsoft and is part of the .NET suite of developer tools for application development. C# is simple to use and is heavily influenced by Java. Besides Microsoft’s native Visual Studio, there are many development tools such as SharpDevelop (which is an open source editor for C#), MonoDevelop (also an open source editor for Linux) and QuickSharp 2008, to name a few. These C# tutorials also guide you through the importance of object-oriented concepts and design patterns in C# programming.

C# Tutorials:

 -  Scheduled Email Reports
 -  Namespaces Exercise
 -  Creating an Application with Multiple Forms
 -  String type object seems to act like a value type even it is reference type!
 -  Registry save program
 -  A nifty pager control
 -  Mersenne Twister
 -  Single Instance Applications in WinForms
 -  IIS (Internet Information Services) Administration using ADSI and .NET DirectoryServices Namespace
 -  DataSet Debugging Utility
 -  Design Pattern: Abstract Factory in C#
 -  Design Pattern: Factory Method in C#
 -  Comparing Data using C#
 -  How BinHex Conversions work
 -  C# Intro: Arrays and loops
 -  C# Intro: Operators, expressions, and conditionals
 -  C# Intro: Operators, expressions, and conditionals
 -  C# Intro: Variables and standard input
 -  C# Intro: Setting up the compiler and a small intro
 -  C# Compiler Switches
 -  Programming Fundamentals: Collections in C#
 -  QuickSort in C#
 -  Intro to Basic File I/O Using a Word Counter/Parser
 -  Get The User Name In C# For NT Authentication
 -  XML Serialization of Collections in C#
 -  XML Serialization of Collections in C#
 -  File encryption in C#
 -  File encryption in C#
 -  Design Pattern: Singleton in C#
 -  Analog Clock Control
 -  CD (Change Directory) Glitch
 -  Introduction to .NET Framework
 -  Accessing SQL Server Data in C# with ADO .NET
 -  Object Serialization and Deserialization in C#
 -  Resizing an Image in a PictureBox for Best Fit
 -  Drawing Cards with C#
 -  NonRectangular Forms
 -  Simple Splash Screens
 -  User Controls for Windows and the Web
 -  Introduction to C# Events
 -  Basic overriding and overloading in C#
 -  Moving Around in Terrarium
 -  Terrarium .NET: Introduction to Creature Development
 -  Accessors in C#
 -  Serial COM Simply in C#
 -  Control the Properties Box with Attributes
 -  Creating and Sorting the ListView
 -  Web Browser/Content in a C# Application
 -  Creating a Windows Service with C#
 -  The Dating Game
 -  C# Registry Basics
 -  Exploring the System.Reflection.Emit Namespace
 -  DirectorySize Report - a look at recursion and HTML generation
 -  COM Interop: Messenger Auto-Responder
 -  String Localization in C#
 -  Using Owner Draw to Make an Image List Box
 -  Writing Your Own Type-Safe Collection
 -  Invisible Windows
 -  Utilizing Web Services from within a C# Windows Application
 -  The command line compiler C#
 -  Self-Detaching Controls in C#
 -  Microsoft C# versus Java, Part I
 -  Writing Your First C# Application (for beginers)
 -  Reading MP3 Headers
 -  Embedding and Using Resources in C#
 -  Introduction to C# Controls
 -  Reading XML Files, Part II
 -  Reading XML Files, Part I
 -  Drawing with the .NET Framework
 -  Using Regular Expressions
 -  Creating Custom Web Controls in C#
 -  Intro to Constructors in C#
 -  Building XML File in C#
 -  Asynchronous server socket using C#
 -  XML Serialization in C#
 -  Sorting Techniques in C#
 -  Reading and Writing Files in C# Part 1
 -  How to override methods in C#

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