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March 21, 2009

19 Database Tutorials

The 19 Database Tutorials below are found at and explain how to access and work with databases using C#, VB and XML. Put simply, databases are a collection of records that are structured to meet a specific standard. These, for example, may be records of employees, payroll or even an inventory. Various applications are allowed to manipulate the data stored in a database. These applications can be written in a variety of languages with each language having its own interface to connect to a database. These database tutorials will provide you with tips to get you up and going to start working with database programming.

General Database Tutorials:

 -  Querying an OLAP-datasource using C#
 -  Data-Binding Windows Forms with ADO.NET
 -  How to copy data from one recordset to another using ADO
 -  An Even Smarter Database Manager
 -  A Smarter Database Manager for C#
 -  Mysql Database: Creation & Usage with C#
 -  Using Indexing to Increase Performance
 -  Using Connection Pooling in Database Driven Applications
 -  SQL Connection Management
 -  SQL Server Queries over HTTP with XML
 -  Simple SQL Aggregate Functions
 -  Constructing SQL Queries - Intermediate Level
 -  Database Normalization part II -- Second and Third Normal Forms
 -  Database Normalization
 -  SQL_Primer
 -  SQL Server Stored Procedures
 -  Unbound Data Sources with ADO in VB 6
 -  Doing an Indexed Search Using 'Containstable', 'Contains'
 -  Setting up Full Text Search with Sql Server 2000 Enterprise Manager

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