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March 27, 2009

8 PHP Tutorials

Posted here are 8 good PHP Tutorials at PHP is a scripting language for designing and generating web pages and its freely available on most web servers. These PHP tutorials explain various concepts of PHP and how to get started with coding this scripting language.

8 PHP Tutorials:

PHP - 01 - Introduction
This video tutorial gives you a brief introduction of PHP and how it can be used for creating.

How To Start PHP Programming in Windows
This tutorial will guide you in setting up what is required to run PHP on your computer. As with most programming and scripting languages, we start with the classic ‘Hello World’ program.

PHP's Benefits
Explains PHP’s advantages and why it is such a powerful scripting language. It also explains how the script interacts with databases and its cost benefits.

How to Create a Basic Website with PHP very quickly.
In this tutorial, we create a website with PHP using PHP scripts in the HTML page.

Swap Variable's Values in PHP
We swap the values of two variables in this tutorial that deals with data manipulation in PHP.

PHP: Display the time passed in any format you want
This tutorial deals with displaying various date formats and how they can be set. It also deals with calculations using the date function.

Learn PHP Language
This video tutorial shows how a user can work with PHP and its intricacies.

PHP - 03 - Variables
Anther video tutorial, this one deals with the variables available in PHP such as numbers and characters.

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