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March 28, 2009

21 C++ Programing Tutorials

Here are 21 C++ Programing Tutorials at Inferno Development. These C++ tutorials use example code to get you up and running with coding C++, and they also teach you intermediate to advanced C++ programming concepts such as: Arrays, Loops, Security and Encryption Techniques, C++ Pointers and References, Inheritance, Polymorphism, Virtual Functions, Advanced Classes, Constructors, Destructors, and Copy Constructors.

21 C++ Tutorials:

C/C++ Basic Structures of a Simple Program
This tutorial describes the basics of C and C++ structures and how to get started programming in C and C++.

C++ Beginner Programming Video Tutorial
This is a C++ video tutorial showing you how to code a guessing game and how to set up your programming environment.

C++ Arrays
This tutorial demonstrates several tricks using C++ arrays.

  1. More Complicated Way of using Arrays
  2. Multidimensional Arrays
  3. Arrays as Function Parameters
  4. Determining Size of an Array

Control Structures (if else)
Shows how to program control structures in C++.
  1. Conditional Operators
  2. Switch and Case
  3. Short Hand If Else


Learn how to code efficient loops to become a better C++ programmer.
  1. For Loop
  2. While loop
  3. Do While Loop
  4. Foreach
  5. Break
  6. Continue

5 Tips to Improve Your Code's Readability
These are five tips to help make your C++ code easier to read and understand.

C++ Buffer Overflow Exploit
This C++ tutorial explains how to effectively secure your code.
  1. Vulnerable Password Program
  2. Hacking
  3. Secure the C++ Code

C++ Log File Class (Forget Debuggers)
A simple C++ logging class that easily creates logs for your software, so you don't have to use debuggers.

C++ Pthreads API
Learn how to code C++ multi-threaded applications using Pthreads to develop a multi-threaded Matrix Multiplication Application.
  1. Matrix class
  2. thread_data Structure, for Thread Arguments
  3. pthread_t structure
  4. pthread_attr_t attribute structure
  5. pthread_create function
  6. pthread_join thread function
  7. CalcMatrix function
  8. Reminder

Beginner C++ Cout Cin Integer
This C++ tutorial gives your an understanding of how to use the cout and cin functions of C++.
  1. What You Will Need
  2. Working with Variables

Singleton C++
The Singleton C++ Design Pattern is a C++ design that creates one single instance of a class that can be used throughout multiple files and large projects.
  1. C++ Singleton Example
  2. C++ Singleton Header File
  3. C++ Singleton File
  4. Major Flaw
  5. Flawed Solution
  6. Other Implementations for C++ Singleton

Simple C++ Pointers and References
Find out how to use C++ Pointers to point to a variable instead of copying it in functions and classes.
  1. C++ Pointers
  2. References
  3. Summary

Inheritance, Polymorphism, and Virtual Functions
This demonstrates the use of Inheritance and Derivation of classes so your C++ code is more object oriented and optimized. It also shows how Polymorphism is used with virtual functions so your programs can decide which class functions to use from their parents and children.
  1. Inheritance and Derivation
  2. Polymorphism and Virtual keyword

Advanced Classes, Constructors, Destructors, and Copy Constructors
Understand how a class can solve many unwanted pointer bugs and make your code more efficient. Also learn how to code C++ constructors, copy constructors, and destructors.
  1. Class development
  2. Implementation file of our class
  3. Conclusion

C++ Volatile Keyword
This shows how to use the Volatile keyword for any C++ variable so it will not be optimized by the compiler. This is used in multi-threaded code or embedded system designs.

C++ Program Without Main Function
Find out how to rename your C++ main() function.

Perfect C++ String Explode Split
How to use the C++ std::string class to split a string based on a delimiter or separator and store the results in a vector.

How to Implement a Substitution Cipher in C++
This shows how to code a substitution cipher, which is simple to do, but also relatively trivial to break.

C++ XOR Encryption Cipher for Secret Messages
Learn how to code C++ using the XOR ^ operator and the AND & operator to create strong encryption.

Set Console Text Color
Learn how to set the console text color.

C++ Prime Number
This is a nice algorithm for computing prime numbers using C++.

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