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April 1, 2009

SQL Tutorial from Brown University

Here is an SQL Tutorial from Brown University. Learning SQL can be very rewarding and this tutorial covers the SQL (Structure Query Language) syntax and its commands. SQL is used to modify and access data or information from a database, usually a relational database such as Oracle, SQL Server, or MySQL. This SQL Tutorial explains how we can select, insert, update, and delete records in database tables, rows (records), and columns (fields). The SQL concepts discussed in this tutorial can be applied to almost any database system. Commands covered by this tutorial include the SELECT statement, UPDATE statement, INSERT INTO statement, DELETE statement, WHERE clause, ORDER BY clause, GROUP BY clause, ORDER clause, Joins, Views, and GROUP functions with examples.

SQL features described:

 - SELECTing data from one table
 - SELECTing data from multiple related tables
 - Why we JOIN tables on a specified field
 - UPDATE queries
 - DELETE queries
 - INSERT INTO queries

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