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April 2, 2009

Web Programming Tutorials

Here are Web Programming Tutorials from, covering Scripting (JavaScript and Ajax), Server Side (Ruby on Rails and Ajax), and XML. Client and Server Side Scripting is important when it comes to handling requests and responses to and from the client (browser) and the web server, while XML allows individual levels of customization.

Scripting Tutorials:
Scripting or a scripting language is a programming langauge that provides contorl of applications, either one or many. These scripting tutorials primarily provide a good coverage on Javascript and Ruby-on-Rails programming that include script enahancement and debugging, along with development in CSS.

 - Advanced Debugging with JavaScript
 - Progressive Enhancement with JavaScript
 - Progressive Enhancement with CSS
 - Understanding Progressive Enhancement
 - Test-Driven Progressive Enhancement
 - CSS Sprites2 - It's JavaScript Time
 - Getting Out of Binding Situations in JavaScript
 - Creating More Using Less Effort with Ruby on Rails
 - Getting Started with Ruby on Rails
 - Take Control of Your Maps

Web Server Side Tutorials:
Unlike client-side scripting, server side scripts or scripting is present on servers and generate dynamic web pages based on user requests. These tutorials start off with Ruby-on-Rails and then move onto Ajax scripting that covers the basics and move to the advanced topics.

 - A More Useful 404
 - Getting Started with Ruby on Rails
 - Creating More Using Less Effort with Ruby on Rails
 - Graceful E-Mail Obfuscation
 - Sliced and Diced Sandbags
 - Automatic Magazine Layout
 - Getting Started with Ajax
 - A Better Image Rotator
 - Smarter Image Hotlinking Prevention
 - Dynamic Text Replacement

XML Tutorials:
XML is a specification for creating custom markup languages. It is termed extensible since it can be extended to suit each users needs. These tutorials provide details on creating and validating Document Type Definitions (DTDs), using XML inline and explain W3C specifications. As a quick crash course, an easy-to-understand primer on XML is also provided.

 - Getting Started with Ajax
 - More About Custom DTDs
 - Validating a Custom DTD
 - Inline XML
 - Using XML
 - Fix Your Site With the Right DOCTYPE!
 - Understanding Web Services
 - What the Hell is XML?
 - How to Read W3C Specs
 - This HTML Kills: Thoughts on Web Accessibility

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