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April 22, 2009

61 PHP Tutorials from

Here 61 PHP Tutorials and Articles at that delve into the more complex topics in PHP and explain them in detail. These PHP tutorials explain the integration of PHP with MySQL and SimpleXML. It introduces Xajax, which is an open source class library of AJAX for PHP; they also discuss XSL and video conversion with FFMPEG, and they introduce the various design patterns in PHP and pagination with PHP and PDO.

Some of these PHP tutorials introduce the concept of eZ components, which is a PHP component library; others show how to filter data with PHP and offer some good PHP tips. Also explained is the difference between PHP and .Net, along with a demonstration of PHP Sessions, Templating, embedding PHP in CSS, and a brief overview of PHP6.

61 PHP Tutorials And Articles:

 - Introduction to PHP and MySQL
 - Introduction To SimpleXML With PHP
 - Xajax-In An Object Oriented Environment
 - SPL AppendIterator
 - Introduction To Xajax
 - Easy Access With PDO CRUD
 - Class Hierachies And Overriding
 - SPL Autoload
 - SQLite - On Duplicate Key Update
 - Introduction to SPL DirectoryIterator
 - Introduction to SPL ArrayAccess
 - PHP Security
 - Preventing Multiple Submits
 - Introduction to PHP Regex
 - Creating A PHP Application
 - Video Conversion With FFMPEG
 - XML And XSL
 - Tagging With PHP And MySQL
 - Imagick extension for PHP
 - Asynchronous Form Submission With Xajax
 - Geo Targetting With PHP And MySQL
 - Dropdown Select With PHP and MySQL
 - Design Patterns
 - Introduction To Arrays
 - Run Script From Cron
 - Introduction To eZ Components part 3
 - Pagination with PHP and PDO
 - Creating Dropdowns with PHP and Xajax
 - Basic Login Authentication with PHP and MySQL
 - Introduction To eZ Components part 2
 - Introduction To eZ Components part 1
 - Managing Hierarchical Data with PHP and MySQL
 - Filtering Data with PHP
 - Introduction to the Standard PHP Library (SPL)
 - PHP Coding Style
 - PHP Type Casting
 - Storing Images in MySQL with PHP
 - Object Oriented Programming with PHP
 - PHP Exceptions
 - Introduction to PHP PDO
 - Validating User Input
 - Introduction To PHP Sessions
 - Introduction to PHP templating
 - Embedding PHP In CSS
 - Difference Between isset empty is-null
 - Application Configuration
 - Namespace Changes Separator Again
 - The Future Of PDO
 - 50 PHP Tips
 - Companies Using PHP
 - Google Summer Of Code 2008
 - eZ Components Alpha Release
 - eZ Components Cache
 - Highlight Search Words
 - PHP v NET
 - Custom 404 Error Page
 - Why is sqlite so cool and why should I care
 - MySQL Error Codes
 - PHP4 End Of Life
 - PHP6 Preview
 - Coverty Report

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