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April 26, 2009

Excellent AJAX Tutorial

Here is an excellent AJAX Programming Tutorial for creating a desktop/homepage, located at It provides lessons that cover the creation and hosting of AJAX web pages. The perquisites for the most part of this tutorial are that the user should know HTML, some Javascript and CSS. This AJAX Tutorial is a great starting point to create some really good applications with AJAX. A sample completed web page is provided.

Contents of AJAX Tutorial

Part 1 - How to detect IE/Firefox correctly
This first lesson discusses the document detection method to detect Firefox and IE. It provides sample code to identify Firefox.

Part 2 - What is the DOM and how to manipulate it using Javascript
This lesson describes the Document Object Model (DOM) and its structure. This section also provides Javascript sample code to use DOM.

Part 3 - How to dynamically create widgets using the DOM (+ using CSS with Javascript)
This section shows how to create widgets using Javascript and DOM with sample Javascript code.

Part 4 - How to capture and react to mouse events
Mouse events and their actions in Javascript are explained here.

Part 5 - How to drag widgets
Shows how to drag and move the widgets using the mouse, with sample code.

Part 6 - How to manipulate zIndex (the depth/order of widgets on the screen)
This section explains how we can stacking order of objects on the screen using zIndex.

Part 7 - Background about AJAX and JSON
This lesson presents an overview of Asynchronous Javascript and XML(AJAX) and Javascript Object Notation(JSON).

Part 8 - How to load RSS feeds into widgets
This section explains how to load the RSS feed to a widget using JSON.

Part 9 - How to create search widgets
How to create and implement search widgets in the AJAX desktop application.

Part 10 - Resources and further reading
The last lesson of this Ajax tutorial provides some reference links for Javascript, AJAX, JSON, etc.

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