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April 29, 2009

C++ Study and Support Forums

These C++ Study and Support materials in the Forums at are intended to be a knowledge resource for learning how to become a better C++ programmer. You can register on the forum and post your C++ related questions as needed. Discussions include object-oriented concepts used in C++, pointers in C++ and C++ libraries.

The C Lineage
This forum provides resources on Arrays and Pointers, Run Time Libraries (where header file definition is kept) and Character Arrays.

 - Pointers & Arrays
 - C Run Time Libraries
 - String: character arrays

C++ Language Features
This forum introduces features of C++ such as classes, objects, exception handling, polymorphism, memory management and the sizeof operator.

 - Classes and Objects
 - Exception Handling
 - Inheritance
 - Polymorphism
 - Templates
 - Casting Operators & RTTI
 - Namespaces
 - Functions
 - Variables
 - References
 - Memory management
 - sizeof operator

This forum introduces design patterns in C++ application design, Object Oriented Design and UML Concepts, and the jargons used in Design.

 - Design Patterns
 - Object Oriented Design and UML Concepts
 - Special Classes/ Design Jargons

C++ Libraries
This forum discusses the Boost Library, the Standard Template Library that introduce containers, iterators and algorithms, and Microsoft Visual C++.

 - Boost Library
 - Standard Template Library
 - Visual C++

This forum introduces a program structure, linkers and compilers, IDEs and tools used to build C++ applications.

 - Program Structure
 - Linker/Compiler
 - Tools and IDEs
 - Online tests
 - C++ Jobs

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