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May 4, 2009

7 API Design Tutorials and Guidelines

These seven API Design and Best Practices Tutorials explain why APIs are required and why their design is very important, requiring a good amount of time and effort. These API Design tutorials and guidelines explain the salient features of API design and their intricacies.  An Application Programming Interface (API) comprises reusable functionality accessible through parameterized commands or functions. Examples include the Java and .NET class libraries, the C++ standard template library, and the system calls exposed by operating systems. An API serves as a foundation for creating applications by saving programmers the time necessary to code basic functionality from scratch.

How to Design a Good API and Why it Matters
This document explains how a good API is written and how it would affect customers. (49 pages, 566 kb, pdf format)
Why is API Design Important to You?
 - If you program, you are an API designer
     Good code is modular–each module has an API
 - Useful modules tend to get reused
     Once module has users, can’t change API at will
     Good reusable modules are corporate assets
 - Thinking in terms of APIs improves code quality

Why are APIs Difficult to Learn and Use?
APIs are difficult to write as it deals with system components. This technical paper explains this concept in detail. (7 pages, 144 kb, pdf format)

Java API Design Guidelines
Learn how to design effective Java APIs that can be used in various software applications.

API Design Guidelines
All APIs have design guidelines and this document explains these guidelines in detail.

How To Design a (module) API
Modular APIs are the way to go when designing complex ones, and this API tutorial explains this concept in detail.

API Design Matters
There are good APIs and bad APIs and this tutorial explains both with code samples.

How to Design Good APIs and Why They Matter
This tutorial explains why an API design is important and also talks about the methodology of API design.

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