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May 5, 2009

Learn to Program Tutorial using Ruby

Here is a nice Learn to Program Tutorial that explains how to program using Ruby as the programming language. This tutorial is arranged in such a manner that a beginner programmer will find it easy to get started using the syntaxes, control flows, etc. of the programming language.

Contents of Learn to Program Tutorial:

Getting Started
In this lesson the simplicity, power and benefits of Ruby are explained. The installation of Ruby in Windows, Macintosh and Linux are also explained here.

Numbers are very important in programming. This lesson details about integer, float, simple arithmetic and printing the output to screen.

Strings are used in every programming language. This lesson explains about strings in Ruby and its manipulations.

Variables and Assignment
To store a number or a string and assign a name to that value for reference purposes we use variables. This lesson explains how variables are declared and converted with examples.

Mixing It Up
In this lesson the author talks about the functions which can be used to cast the variables to get the required output. It also explains how to get a user input to the program.

More About Methods
This lesson explains about methods and its usage with examples. String, arithmetic, random methods are also explained here.

Flow Control
We can control the flow of the program using comparison, branching and looping. This lesson explains about different ways to do this.

Arrays and Iterators
This lesson describes about arrays and iterators used to process the data in array in Ruby. Different array methods are also explained here.

Writing Your Own Methods
Ruby methods are very similar to normal functions which are used to bundle one or more repeatable statements into a single unit. This lesson tells how to create your own methods, methods with parameters, local variables and return values of methods.

Ruby is considered a pure object-oriented language, which consists of objects that are instances of some class. This lesson explains different classes available in Ruby and how to extend that. This lesson also explains how to create a class and its members.

Blocks and Procs
This lesson explains about Blocks and Procs which is the coolest feature of Ruby. The different usage of procs are explained with examples here.

Beyond This Tutorial
The resources and references explained in this lesson helps in Ruby programming.

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