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May 6, 2009

ASP.Net AJAX Tutorials and Cheat Sheets

Here are 6 ASP .Net AJAX Tutorials and 7 AJAX Library Cheat Sheets. These tutorials and sheets explain and demonstrate ASP .Net Ajax by showing and exploring techniques in building ASP .Net applications. The Ajax tutorials describe various topics, such as partial page updates, UpdatePanel triggers, authentication and profile application services, and localization. The Ajax Library Cheat Sheets list the commonly used methods and types.

6 ASP .Net AJAX Tutorials

#1 Understanding Partial Page Updates with ASP .Net AJAX
This tutorial will teach you about ASP .Net AJAX Extensions which has the ability to do partial or incremental updates with out doing a full post back to the web server.

#2 Understanding ASP .Net AJAX UpdatePanel Triggers
This tutorial explains about one of  the two child elements of an UpdatePanel control, the Triggers element, which specifies the controls on the page that will trigger a partial render of the UpdatePanel control in which the element resides.

#3 Understanding ASP .Net AJAX Authentication and Profile Application Services
This tutorial explains about the Authentication service which allows users to provide credentials in order to receive an authentication cookie, and is the gateway service to allow custom user profiles provided by ASP .Net.

#4 Understanding ASP .Net AJAX Localization
This tutorial explains about Localization which is the process of designing and integrating support for a specific language and culture into an application or an application component.

#5 Understanding ASP .Net AJAX Web Services
This tutorial explains about ASP .Net AJAX web services which are an integral part of the .NET framework that provide a cross-platform solution for exchanging data between distributed systems.

#6 Understanding ASP .Net AJAX Debugging Capabilities
This tutorial explains about various debugging techniques which could be very useful for a ASP .Net AJAX programmer.

7 AJAX Library Cheat Sheets
These are seven pdfs in one zip download.

MS Ajax Array extensions
This cheat sheet list out array type extensions available in Microsoft Ajax Library. This pdf document helps to remember the functions and operations that can be done with arrays.

MS Ajax Client Life-Cycle Events
This sheet shows the ASP .Net AJAX life cycle events with a diagram. This pdf also lists out PageRequestManager and Application events.

MS Ajax Date and Boolean extensions
This cheat sheet lists out the boolean type extensions and date type extensions of Microsoft Ajax library.

MS Ajax DomElement class
This pdf document lists out the DomElement class and its methods.

MS Ajax DomEvent class
This cheat sheet lists out the event handlers of DomEvent. This pdf also lists the event properties and its description.

MS Ajax Number and Error extensions
This cheat sheet list out the Number type extensions and error type extensions with sample code.

MS Ajax String and Object extensions
This cheat sheet lists out the String and Object type extensions available in the Microsoft Ajax Library.

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