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June 2, 2009

Video Tutorials on Ubuntu and Linux

These Linux and Ubuntu Video Tutorials at showmedo allow a more dynamic approach to working with Ubuntu’s Linux distribution. These Ubuntu video tutorials provide a first-hand working and learning experience on various Ubuntu and Linux features such as the introductory features of Ubuntu, coding on Ubuntu, Screen Casts, using Open Office and working with graphics. Also included are video tutorials of creating a .deb package, downloading and burning an Ubuntu ISO and publishing email in a spam-proof manner. Other Linux video tutorials consist of video editing and adding effects to videos and installing and configuring Ubuntu Linux for commercial use.

Linux and Ubuntu Video Tutorials:

 - Gnu/Linux casts (2 videos)
 - Beginning GNU/Linux with Ubuntu (6 videos)
 - Ubuntu: Making a .deb package out of a python program
 - Downloading and Burning an Ubuntu ISO
 - Screen cast: upgrading to OOov3
 - Committing your changes in Bazaar
 - Getting Started: Installing Bazaar, Downloading the Source
 - VirtualBox Shared Folders (3 videos)
 - Introduction to C++ on Linux with Hello World (2 videos)
 - Misc (9 videos)
 - Installing and using Linux (2 videos)
 - Python: create art with xturtle, random and genetic_algorithm (4 videos)
 - QCake the open-source 3D engine (3 videos)
 - Graphic: transparent background with GIMP
 - Showmedo: How to publish your email address in a spam-proof way
 - Audacity export mp3 from ubuntu 7.10 (2 videos)
 - OpenOffice (6 videos)
 - 7-zip file compression programme (10 videos)

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