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June 7, 2009

Python Video Tutorials

Here are several excellent Python Video Tutorials at showmedo that provide an in depth understanding to programming in Python. Python is a high-level scripting and programming language used for web applications. Several web application frameworks and servers support Python which help users develop complex applications. These Python video tutorials cover and teach various topics such as GUI programming, creating a wiki, the Python standard library, objects in Python and the Google app engine. A majority of these Python tutorials provide detailed information about many everyday tasks in Python such as database programming, loops and iteration, common variables and containers and functions in Python.

Python Programming Video Tutorials:

 - Python 101 - easygui and csv (17 videos)
 - Python Development on XP (10 videos)
 - Python GUI Programming with wxPython (5 videos)
 - Python Beginners - Common Variables and Containers (14 videos)
 - Build a wxPython Image Viewer (14 videos)
 - A Demonstration of the 'IPython' Interactive Shell (5 videos)
 - Python Beginners - What Does Python Look Like? (6 videos)
 - Learn Django: Create a Wiki in 20 minutes (3 videos)
 - Django From the Ground Up (13 videos)
 - Batteries included - The Python standard library (9 videos)
 - An Introduction to Database Programming with Python (5 videos)
 - Python Beginners - Functions (6 videos)
 - COM and Python with pyWin32 (6 videos)
 - Developing emol! (31 videos)
 - An Introduction to Python Objects, using IPython (3 videos)
 - Python Beginners - Loops and Iteration (7 videos)
 - An Introduction to Vim Macros (7 videos)
 - PyDev Eclipse IDE Videos (2 videos)
 - 5-Minutes With Python (4 videos)
 - A Gentle Introduction to the Google App Engine Python SDK (5 videos)

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