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June 10, 2009

4 Perl Video Tutorials

These 4 excellent Perl Video Tutorials at showmedo will provide an in depth coverage of Perl features, logic and sample code using videos. Perl is a scripting language widely used in graphics programming, system administration, network programming and web-based database access. These Perl video tutorials discuss simple scripts, conditional and arithmetic operations and iterations using arrays and loops in Perl on Unix, Linux or Cygwin.

4 Perl Video Tutorials:

'Hello World' with Perl
This Perl video tutorial explains the ever famous ‘Hello World’ example, thereby giving users a look and feel of how Perl works.

Simple variables in Perl
This video tutorial explains how simple variables work in Perl.

Conditionals and Arithmetic
This video tutorial explains how to carry out simple arithmetic operation in Perl. Also discussed is conditional logic.

Arrays and Loops
This video tutorial teaches iterations in Perl, namely using arrays and loops.

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