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June 22, 2009

Javascript Video Tutorials

These Javascript Video Tutorials at showmedo help you to increase your skills in JavaScript. These Javascript video tutorials teach you the basics of JavaScript programming, and how to use JavaScript with TurboGears and Java2Script.

The basics of Javascript.
This video tutorial explains the basics of JavaScript which include the basic tag formation, attributes etc.

TurboGears Ultimate DVD (TG v1.0) (12 videos)
The following video tutorials shows how to use JavaScript with TurboGears. These include a quick introduction to why you did want to wrap JavaScript libraries with TurboGears widgets, usage of Lightbox widget, introducing generic functions, a TurboGear core tour, future of TurboGears, effective Ajax with TurboGear etc.

 - Using JavaScript with TurboGears, Part 1
 - Using JavaScript with TurboGears, Part 2
 - Using JavaScript with TurboGears, Part 3
 - Introducing Generic Functions
 - More About Widgets
 - TurboGears Core Tour
 - The Future of TurboGears
 - Rapid Web Applications with TurboGears
 - The 20 Minute Wiki, 2nd Edition
 - Bob Ippolito's MochiKit 1.1 Intro
 - Effective Ajax with TurboGears

Java2Script Desktop and Web GUIs (3 videos)
The following video tutorials describes about the Java2Script tool which lets you write a GUI in Java and then converts the code into JavaScript so it runs in a web browser. It also explains about using Eclipse and Java2Script and building a Java2Script GUI from SWT code.
 - [096] Introducing Java2Script                       
 - [097] Using Eclipse and Java2Script                       
 - [098] Building a JavaScript GUI from SWT Code

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