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June 27, 2009

3 SQL Server How-to Videos

Here are three SQL Server How-to Videos at Microsoft TechNet explain a few features of SQL Server using videos. These SQL Server video tutorials provide users with a firsthand experience of how these features work, namely using PowerShell to audit servers, using the Database Engine Tuning Advisor and using the filestream to store BLOB Data

How Do I: Use PowerShell to Audit Servers?
This video tutorial explains how DBAs can use the Windows PowerShell to audit and automate some of their everyday tasks such as reviewing log files and checking SQL Server properties.

How Do I: Use the Database Engine Tuning Advisor?
This video tutorial teaches you how to use an SQL script as the input to the Database Engine Tuning Advisor, and how to increase performance in various tables in the database.

How Do I: Use the Filestream Data Type to Store BLOB Data
In this video, the configuration of Windows and SQL Server to enable Filestream data type is explained. Further explanation is also provided in terms of creation of a database and storing the Filestream data type.

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