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June 30, 2009

Ruby On Rails Intensive 1-Day Course

Here is a great Ruby On Rails Intensive 1-Day Course, from the University of California at Berkeley. The Rails framework, built using the Ruby language, is a very promising Web application development technology that is becoming more popular. This course provides a fast-paced technical introduction to the key concepts in Ruby on Rails, along with exercises. It is not a complete programming course, but it will help you become literate in the language and framework. The course covers the fundamental concepts of the Ruby on Rails Web programming framework. The overview consists of six sections of approximately one hour each. Course materials include slides, online resources, and software installers. Here is their recommended RoR setup and installation instructions for Mac OS X and Windows. This Ruby On Rails course is also available on youtube as a webcast.

Ruby on Rails course slide sets (pdf):

1: Hello World
2: Just Enough Ruby
3: Basic Rails
4: Advanced Active Record
5: AJAX and Testing
6: Configuration And Deploy
7: Extra Material

Webcast at youtube:

 - Ruby on Rails - Part 1: Hello World
 - Ruby on Rails - Part 2: Just Enough Ruby
 - Ruby on Rails - Part 3: Basic Rails
 - Ruby on Rails - Part 4: Advanced Active Record
 - Ruby on Rails - Part 5: AJAX and Testing
 - Ruby on Rails - Part 6: Configuration and Deploy

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