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July 13, 2009

16 Ruby Video Tutorials

These 16 Ruby Video Tutorials at showmedo contain a series of sessions that enables you to learn Ruby from the scratch. These Ruby video tutorials give a walkthrough on getting started with Ruby, the basic data types and shell output, the variables, installing Ruby and advanced concepts like unit testing and building full rail servers in Ubuntu.

Script a simple Google search with WATIR using Eclipse
This video tutorial teaches you about WATIR scripting using Eclipse. The video shows how to write a simple Google search script with WATIR.

Introduction to Ruby (6 videos)
The following series of video tutorials gives you an introduction to the world of Ruby. The tutorials demonstrates basic things like installing Ruby, working with various tools available, different data types and shell output, variables etc.

 - What is Ruby?           
 - Installing Ruby           
 - The Tools           
 - Data Types & Shell Output           
 - Variables           
 - Variables in Practice
 - Ruby and the RDT Eclipse Ruby Plugin

Ruby Introductions (6 videos)
The following video tutorials on Ruby takes you through the early stages of Ruby programming. The tutorials talk about some of the programming concepts like indefinite chaining methods, creating one's own classes, deep copy versus shallow copy, marshaling(serialization) and also about basic debugging tips and unit testing.

 - Introduction to Ruby I           
 - Introduction to Ruby II           
 - Introduction to Ruby III           
 - Introduction to Ruby IV           
 - Introduction to Ruby V           
 - Introduction to Ruby VI: Debugging and Unit Testing

Enabling Tab Completion in IRB
This video tutorial explains about IRB which is an interactive shell for the Ruby language that allows you to test your code and make sure that you have the syntax and logic correct before it goes into your application.

Build a Full Rails Server on Ubuntu
This ten minute video tutorial describes how easy it is to install Ruby, Rails, Apache, Mongrel, Subversion, and MySQL on an Ubuntu server.

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