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July 17, 2009

Free C++ Programming Training

Here are some excellent C++ Programming Training Documents, located at Greystoke Systems, that will help you get up and running with C++ programming and application development. These C++ Programming training materials start by teaching the basics of C++, then they move on to more complex intermediate and advanced C++ concepts and topics. These training documents are set at various levels and users can shift between them when they are in their comfort zone. They are in .rtf format.

Fundamental C++ Programming Training
This C++ Programming training starts out teaching the basics of C++ such as the components of a C++ source file, carrying out simple input and output operations, explaining control structures and a few simple exercises based on what was learnt by users.

 - Introduction
 - Program preparation
 - Components of a C++ source file
 - Simple input and output
 - Code presentation and maintenance
 - Operations
 - Control structures
 - Some exercises
 - A sample practical examination

Intermediate C++ Programming Training
In this section, you are introduced to more intermediate concepts such as function overloading, function prototyping, file access, data types, constructor and destructors. At the end, a few exercises are provided.

 - Introduction
 - Program development
 - Function prototyping, overloading and inlining
 - Class constructors and destructors, members, scope resolution
 - Pointers and storage classes
 - Data types and scope
 - File access and control
 - Some exercises
 - A sample solution

Additional materials for the Intermediate C++ Course - Coding and Programming in C++ Language III
This section contains coding and programming training for C++ topics such as class libraries, debugging techniques, error handling, and further aspects of windows architecture.

 - Class libraries
 - Debugging techniques
 - Error handling
 - Class techniques
 - Windows architecture
 - Windows architecture - further aspects

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