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July 23, 2009

Advanced JavaScript Tutorial

Here is a well written and presented Advanced JavaScript Tutorial, at John Resig's blog. This JavaScript tutorial provides a very interactive guide to this most used scripting language for the web today. The tutorial is arranged in the form of slides that are very easy to navigate. It covers most of the features of JavaScript in these slides. Some of the topics that are taught are: defining functions, named functions, instantiation, function prototypes, inheritance, built-in prototypes, and enforcing function context.

Learning Advanced JavaScript Tutorial:

 - Our Goal
 - Defining Functions
 - Named Functions
 - Functions as Objects
 - Context
 - Instantiation
 - Flexible Arguments
 - Closures
 - Temporary Scope
 - Function Prototypes
 - Instance Type
 - Inheritance
 - Built-in Prototypes
 - Enforcing Function Context
 - Bonus: Function Length

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