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July 31, 2009

Information Theory Course

Here is a good online course on Information Theory, hosted at Utah State University. This course "explores the fundamental limits of the representation and transmission of information. We will focus on the definition and implications of (information) entropy, the source coding theorem, and the channel coding theorem. These concepts provide a vital background for researchers in the areas of data compression, signal processing, controls, and pattern recognition." The class notes and examples, by topic, are linked below. This course can also be downloaded in zip format (7.5mb).

Information Theory Class Topics:

No. Topic
1 Introduction to Information Theory HTML PDF
2 Definitions and Basic Facts HTML PDF
3 Some More Bounds HTML PDF
4 Application of Information Theory to Blind Source Separation HTML PDF
5 The Asymptotic Equipartition Property HTML PDF
6 Entropy Rates HTML PDF
7 Data Compression HTML PDF
8 Arithmetic Coding HTML PDF
9 Channel Capacity HTML PDF
10 More on Channel Capacity HTML PDF
11 Differential Entropy HTML PDF
12 The Gaussian Channel HTML PDF
13 Bits and Queues HTML PDF
14 Maximum Entropy Estimation HTML PDF

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