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August 17, 2009

44 JavaScript References and Code Examples

Here are 44 excellent JavaScript References and Coding Examples, at JavaScript is the scripting language of web, and is used in millions of web pages to add functionality, validate forms, detect browsers, and much more. You can use these 44 JavaScript examples to help you to become a better JavaScript programmer, and by reading and using these you will learn how to code its many features and functions, thereby increasing your JavaScript skills.

44 JavaScript References and Code Examples:

 - Accordian Menu   
 - Add more form fields   
 - Add/Remove from Select list   
 - AJAX Inline Editor #1   
 - AJAX Inline Editor #2   
 - Anti_Bot Form Code   
 - Attach to all links   
 - Auto-Link words   
 - Calculate time difference   
 - Capitalize first letter of words   
 - Change text box height   
 - Check or Uncheck all Checkboxes   
 - Check radio button selection   
 - Clear screen   
 - Click to edit Table Cell   
 - Confirm Delete   
 - Copy IFRAME contents   
 - Count checkboxes   
 - Count Textbox Chars   
 - Countdown to link enable   
 - Determine Operating System   
 - DHTML Combo Box Dropdown   
 - Download only once   
 - Dynamically Add/Remove rows in HTML table   
 - Easy Style Sheet Switcher   
 - Hide/Show div   
 - Javascript Cookie functions   
 - JS ComboBox   
 - Pass vars to/from PHP   
 - Password Strength Tester   
 - Prevent framing a page   
 - Prevent the 'enter' key from submiting a form: -   
 - Preview URL/Page On Hover   
 - Put Cursor At Top Of Textarea   
 - Set cookie even after HTML output   
 - Show basic image info   
 - Show/Hide Toggle   
 - Sized Pop-Up Windows   
 - Smooth Div Show/Hide   
 - Toggle All Checkboxes on or off   
 - Trippy Page   
 - Ultimate domain name validator  
 - Variable Speed Horiz Scroll   
 - Window close on any click

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