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August 18, 2009

Microcomputer Interfacing Course Lectures

Here is a Microcomputer Interfacing Course, at the University of Guelph, School of Engineering. This 12-week Microcomputer Interfacing course helps you to learn all about microcontrollers and how to effectively program on a microcontroller. The course lectures/slides/labs (pdf format) give a good insight into machine language and assembly language and will help you understand various interfacing concepts. 

Week 1: Microcontroller Concepts  (1.27 Mb 21 pages)
The first week gives you the basic microcontroller concepts which will you get you started with microcontroller programming.

Week 2: Programming  (852 Kb, 26 pages)
This week covers programming related topics like assembly and other programming languages, source code, object code and the assembler etc.

Week 3: Interfacing Concepts  (478 Kb, 18 pages)
The third week illustrates various interfacing concepts. Some of the topics that are covered are Input/Output subsystems and registers, memory, interfacing using polling, the parallel I/O subsystem etc.

Week 3 - 4: Parallel I/O
In the next two weeks we study parallel Input/Output concepts.
 - I/O concepts  (3.21 Mb, 10 pages)
 - Lecture Notes (Part 2)  (776 Kb, 26 pages)

Week 4-5: Interfacing Methods
Through the next two weeks we go through various interfacing methods.
 - Set1 434 Kb,  (16 pages)
 - Set2 500 Kb,  (16 pages)
 - Strobed I/O 504 Kb,  (14 pages)

Week 6-7: Stack, Subroutines, Interrupts  (2.33 Mb, 31 pages)
This week we earn more about stack, subroutines and interrupts.

Week 7-8:
Here the course explains topics like controlling a servo motor by moving it to a precise location and timing generation and measurements.
 - Introduction to Servo Motor  (560 Kb, 13 pages)
 - Timing Generation and measurements  (1.27 Mb, 45 pages)

Week 9-11: Data Acquisition Systems
In this section we learn about the data acquisition systems like digital to analog, analog to digital and DAC assignments.
 - Digital-to-Analog  (1.31 Mb, 48 pages)
 - Analog-to-Digital  (474 Mb, 17 pages)
 - DAC-Assignments  (474 Kb, 1 Page

Week 11-12: Serial Interfacing  (1.68 Mb, 38 pages)
In these last weeks we learn about the concept of serial interfacing.

Here is a series of lab sessions focusing on topics like parallel port programming, keypad and LCD interfacing, serial communication etc.

 - Lab 0: Introduction. Equipment  (155 Kb, 5 pages)
 - Lab 2: Parallel Port Programming  (118 Kb, 4 pages)
 - Lab 3: Keypad and LCD Interfacing  (125 Kb, 3 pages)
 - Lab 4: ServoMotor Control/Hex Keypad  (238 kb, 5 pages)
 - Lab 5: High-Tech Etch-a-Sketch  (114 Kb, 5 pages)

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