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August 19, 2009

27 Linux Video Tutorials

These 27 Linux Video Tutorials, at, explain many aspects of administering and using the Linux operating system. These Linux tutorials teach and demonstrate different tasks and usages of various programs, installs and other things that you may find useful. The topics include creating GUI widgets for use in Ubuntu and any other linux OS by utilizing Zenity, introduction to C++ on Linux with basic programming structures, introduction to remote command line, installation steps and usage of Linux and screen casting Linux. You'll also learn about the following: shell basics, beginning GNU/Linux with Ubuntu, how to install Windows games in Linux, running Linux on Windows, securing file transfers, sharing network files and printers, and some Linux applications like Gimp and XaraLX.

27 Linux Video Tutorials:

 - Gnu/Linux casts. (2 videos)
 - MD5 GUI widget for Linux - get Hash with right click
 - An Introduction to C++ on Linux with Hello World (2 videos)
 - Create aHackergotchi with the Gimp
 - Setup of a torrent on a home box behind anat router.  
 - openThinClient tutorials
 - Misc (9 videos)
 - Intro to remote command line (linux) (2 videos)
 - Installing and using Linux (2 videos)
 - Screencasting in Linux (2 videos)
 - My Favourite App (10 videos)
 - QCake the open-source 3D engine (English) (3 videos)[163] graphic:tranparent background with GIMP (English)
 - XaraLX (4 videos)
 - Showmedo: How to publish your email address in a spam-proof way (English)
 - Scribus Desktop Publishing (28 videos)
 - 7-zip file compressionprogramme (10 videos)
 - An Overview of the First OpenMoko Phone
 - Casting Your Knowledge, With Style (2 videos)
 - Software Carpentry - Shell Basics (13 videos)
 - Beginning GNU/Linux with Ubuntu (6 videos)
 - Using on Linux
 - Installing Windows Games in Linux (2 videos)
 - Using Samba to Share Network Files and Printers (2 videos)
 - Running Linux on Windows (2 videos)
 - DebuggingMakefiles with remake
 - Secure File Transfer With WASTE

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