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August 27, 2009

4 JavaScript Tutorials

Here are 4 JavaScript Tutorials at All the scripts in these JavaScript tutorials are available for download as two compressed archives and These JavaScript tutorials are designed to provide an overview, with coding examples, of the some of the power of the JavaScript programming/scripting language. They are not just aimed at the developer who works on code for the browser or client side, the tutorials contain presentations to classic ASP developers, in an attempt to move them away from VBScript and towards JavaScript, for web application development.

JavaScript Introspection
This JavaScript tutorial introduces you to JavaScript introspection. In computing, type introspection is a capability of some object-oriented programming languages to determine the type of an object at runtime. Being able to interrogate an object to discover its properties can be a great help when debugging.
 - The Namespace
 - The typeOf Function
 - The exists Function
 - The introspect Function
 - Using the Code

JavaScript Inheritance
This JavaScript tutorial discusses JavaScript inheritance. However, since JavaScript is a class free programming language, the mechanism used is prototypal, rather than classical. For this tutorial, you will be shown how to add functions to the String object.
 - The Extensions Code
 - Using the Code

JavaScript Closures
This JavaScript tutorial takes a look at JavaScript closures, which is an extremely powerful property of the language. In JavaScript, this means that an inner function always has access to the variables and parameters of its outer function, even after the outer function has returned.
 - The Problem
 - The Solution
 - The Closure Code
 - Using the Code

XML generator JavaScript Library
This final JavaScript tutorial explains the XML generator JavaScript library. This library is designed to produce XML. This is by far the largest of the tutorials, so it is split into three sections as below:
 - JavaScript Library Design
 - JavaScript Library Code
 - JavaScript Library Example

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